Weather Policy

Weather Policy for Year Round Groups  

8 & Under, Age Group, Junior, and Senior Groups
We will always hold practices, even in rain and cold.  Weather will only prevent us from swimming when there are nearby lightning/thunderstorms. Often these storms pass over quickly.  With our membership driving in from many different directions, we advise you to use your judgment on travel to Nicholls when weather makes road conditions dangerous.   
When we cannot swim (lightening, rain too heavy for visibility, etc):  

Swimmers will go into the team room for video reviews and/or dryland for either part of or the entire practice.
Swimmers should pack shoes and dryland clothes with their swim gear daily. 

Weather Policy for our Lessons and Seasonal Groups

Summer League Prep, High School, eLearning/homeschool, Swimming Lessons group and private
We only cancel if there is nearby lightning and we won’t make that call until right at the practice/class start. We can swim in the rain!  With storms often passing quickly in our area, we can often wait a few minutes and still get in after the weather clears.  If the weather looks too bad closer to the practice start time, always use your own judgment in traveling.  

Swim Lesson Make Ups for a canceled class:

  • If we are unable to hold class we will email the group with a makeup date (usually on Friday) or will add time to remaining lesson day(s).
  • Make up days will not be offered for lesson classes that take place according to the schedule.

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